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Telecom Commercial Communications Customer Preference

We at MTNL value your privacy, taking great care  while sending any Commercial Communication to you. Now you have the option of receiving the commercial communication as per your choice, avoiding unwanted telemarketing calls and SMS by registering in the National Customer Preference Register (NCPR) registry.


Registration of Preference/Change of Preference/ De-registration

Through Voice Call
You can register preference to receive messages from following categories:
  • Fully Blocked Category 
    (No Telemarketing Call/ SMS)
  • Partially Blocked Category
    Options under partially blocked category:
    1. Banking / Insurance / Financial products / credit cards
    2. Real Estate
    3. Education
    5. Consumer goods and automobiles
    6. Communication / Broadcasting / Entertainment / IT
    7.Tourism and Leisure

Call ’1909’ for registration of preference / change of preference / de-registration

Through SMS
  • For registration of preference, send SMS in the format "START‹option(s)› " to 1909 e.g. to receive SMSs Option 'Real State' send SMS in the format "START 2" to 1909.
  • For change of preference, send SMS in the format “STOP‹option(s)›"  to stop the existing options and “START‹option(s)›” to 1909
  • For de-registration, send SMS in the format “STOP” to 1909
  • Customers can choose to receive SMSs from multiple options e.g. to receive SMSs from options ‘Education’ and ‘Health’, send SMS in the format “START 3,4” to 1909.
  • For registering option for "Fully Blocked Category" send "START 0" to 1909
Registering Complaints
If you receive any unsolicited commercial communications seven days after registration of your telephone number in the NCPR, you may register a complaint by:
    • Dialling the toll free number 1909;
    • or Sending an SMS to 1909
      •  You may register a complaint regarding receipt of unsolicited commercial communications by sending SMS to 1909  in the specified format given below:
        • “COMP TEL NO XXXXXXXXXX, dd/mm/yy, Time hh:mm”
        • Where XXXXXXXXXX – is the telephone number or header of the SMS, as the case may be,from which the unsolicited commercial communication has originated
      • The complaint will be registered and acknowledged by MTNL by sending a unique complaint number through SMS
Please note:
  • The complaint has to be registered from the telephone number on which unsolicited commercial communication has been received
  • Your complaint must be made within three days of receipt of the unsolicited commercial communication
Click here to visit the Telecom Commercial Communications Customer Preference Portal of the TRAI for more details